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In the sociology department, we teach students how to study society. Sociology is concerned with the relationship between individuals and groups in society.   

In order to increase our understanding of human behaviour, sociologists use research to identify what people do, and sociological theory to explain the meaning of what they do.  

Studying sociology at A Level will give you an awareness of the social, political and economic issues that shape society. It will help you develop greater empathy towards communities that differ from your own and open your mind to a diverse range of ideas and beliefs. A Level sociology will leave you with a greater appreciation of the world around you and the diversity of contemporary society.  

You will be able to recognise and help find solutions to issues that specific communities and groups face, and help build a fairer society for all as a result.  

A level Sociology is a linear qualification, which means exams take place at the end of two years. It is assessed through examinations in which consist mostly of essay-based questions, plus several structured questions. 

The three A level exams each count for a third of the final mark: 

Paper 1: a two-hour exam on Education in Society, with associated sociological theory and methods 

Paper 2: a two-hour exam on Families and Households and Mass Media  

Paper 3: a two-hour exam on Crime and Deviance, with associated sociological theory and methods