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Enrichment and Personal Development

The compulsory ‘Lesson 6’ enrichment and personal development programme is an intrinsic part of life at The Royal School. It is a critical element of the curriculum offer that you and your child have signed up to when joining The Royal School.

This range of opportunities is proven to make a significant positive impact on pupils' personal development, character, broaden their skill range and provide stimulating challenges in line with our school values of respect, trust, community, initiative, and risk.  Our Lesson 6 enrichment programme is a significant element of what makes a place at the school so highly sought after by families all over the region and beyond.

Each activity fulfils one or more of our Lesson 6 ‘personal development and character strands’. Each strand was carefully selected to ensure each activity has opportunities to develop a variety of skills, including those softer skills that will prepare students for life beyond school. This will enable students to gain a broad and balanced Lesson 6 diet that will lead to the holistic development of 'character and wider personal development'. It is evident the universities and employers are increasingly looking for a range of skills and achievements. The lesson 6 programme has been evidenced in assisting strongly in pupil’s personal development and developing employability skills. Each strand has been created in conjunction with the research conducted by the Skill Builder Partnership.

The Royal School Wolverhampton’s Lesson 6 strands:  

Creative and wellbeing.

Enterprise and employability.


Leadership and service.

Enquiry and knowledge.

At the end of each term pupils will review their Lesson 6 participation. This will be captured online and will be used to showcase the wide-ranging skills they have developed in each of their activities. Over time students can use this document to evidence where they have used and developed key skills that employers are looking for.

All Lesson 6 activities will be selected in school under the guidance of the form tutor. Parents will be able to view the vast array of activities on the school website and the Lesson 6 booklet. Parents are encouraged to discuss the options with their children and families find this a helpful element to balance the work and social time rather more efficiently. 

As a school we place great value in our Lesson 6 enrichment programme and it is a hugely worthwhile part of ‘Royal School life’ from Tuesday through to Thursday each week. Monday’s enrichment is optional for all students.