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Boarding Welcome

Introduction to Boarding 

The Royal has a long and successful history of providing a nurturing and stable boarding environment. We offer full, weekly and flexi-day boarding and have comfortable accommodation in shared rooms on site for up to 110 pupils. Boarding has always been a fundamental part of the life and spirit of The Royal and this continues to be so now that we are a Free School.  

Boarders join us from age 11 upwards and stay in one of our two boarding houses. Our boarders come from far and wide, both from across the UK and overseas. Pupils with British passports, those with leave to remain in the UK, or those children whose parents have BNO passports and live in the UK can study at The Royal. Students only need to pay boarding fees as tuition is free. 

The Royal also has particularly strong contingents of children from Forces families, Elite swimmers, and Wolves Academy football players. 

Life in our boarding houses is carefully structured so that students have time allocated for homework and leisure, allowing them to study hard yet still enjoy a range of evening and weekend activities and spend time relaxing with friends. Our houseparents encourage all pupils to develop respect and trust – the essential ingredients for any successful boarding house and not dissimilar to any other harmonious domestic family situation. Through tolerance and understanding, boarders soon learn to appreciate and share each other’s cultural differences, forming close friendships that continue throughout adulthood. 

Ideal location 

The Royal is centrally placed in the Midlands in England with easy access to major airports and railway networks. Boarding accommodation is in spacious and well-equipped 25-acre grounds surrounded by woodlands offering a secure and peaceful environment albeit with the convenience of an urban setting. We are handy for local countryside activities, shopping centres and sites of historical interest and boarders enjoy a busy weekend programme of excursion and optional sporting activities.