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Meet Our Team

The Royal is extremely proud of its team in the provision of education. All staff whether academic or support, senior or primary, boarding, curriculum or pastoral, work together as a team to ensure that every child in our care receives the appropriate support and teaching throughout their journey with us. 

Primary Academic Staff

Year Group/Subject Teaching Staff
Reception Teacher & Phase Leader (EYFS-Yr1) Sarah Dorricott
Year 1 Teacher & Year Group Lead Tara Smith
Year 2 Teacher & Year Group Lead Hannah Dyer
Year 3 Teacher & Year Group Lead Katherine Harris
Year 4 Teacher & Phase Leader (Yr2-4) Lisa Dorricott
Year 5 Teacher & Phase Leader (Yr 5-6) Katherine Gregory
Class Teacher Aoife Richardson
Class Teacher Sarah Buttery
Class Teacher Karen Newton
Class Teacher Emma Dempsey
Class Teacher Gemma Brown
Class Teacher Rita Chagger
Class Teacher Caroline Coupland
Class Teacher Hannah Evans
Class Teacher Rebecca Kaur
Class Teacher Kathleen Massey
Class Teacher Elena Paikkou
Class Teacher Charlotte Orchard
Class Teacher Elinor Richardson
Class Teacher Lucy Sims
Class Teacher Alice Torrington
Full-time Teacher & Maths Lead Rebecca Adams
Part-time Teacher Francois Gray
Part-time Teacher Polly Hickerman
Primary Inclusion Lead & Primary SENDCO Edward Smith
Head of Boys PE Nicholas Biddlecombe
Head of Girls PE Samantha Parker
PE Teacher & Director of Extended Provision Paul Berry
PE Teacher Natalia Gardner
PE Teacher Jaime Nichols
PE Teacher Olivia Morris
Director of Music Lucy Simmonds

Senior Academic Staff

Teaching Staff Subject
Anne-Marie Atherton Subject Leader Food Technology & Boarding House Tutor
Paul Benson Business & Economics Teacher
Nicholas Biddlecombe Subject Leader Boys PE & Strategic Cover Manager
Rachel Boden Subject Leader MFL
Peter Brown Maths Teacher & Second in Department
Anita Chandard Subject Leader KS4 Business & Economics
Andrew Davis Music Teacher & Cover Supervisor
Lauren Dodd English Teacher
Ryan Edwards Lead Practitioner for Maths
Danielle Ellison Subject Leader for English
Jessica Evans English Teacher
Laura Fabre Art Teacher
Natalia Gardner PE Teacher
Angela Goodlad Head of Windsor House & MFL Teacher
Narinder Gore Subject Leader History
Phillip Hall Subject Leader Computer Science
Elizabeth Hepworth English Teacher
Leah Hillman Social Sciences Teacher
Elizabeth Hodson Science Teacher
Sarah Horton History & RS Teacher
Sharron Holding Business Teacher
Edwin Hutton Subject Leader Physics & DofE Coordinator
Darren Ireland Subject Leader of Mathematics
Nirpal Khela Head of Balmoral House, Business Studies & Economics Teacher
Ashok Kumar Maths Teacher
Nisha Kumari Biology & Chemistry Teacher
Jane Kyle Subject Leader EAL
Alex Large Head of Boarding & Maths Teacher
Sarah Large Boarding Matron & Maths Teacher
Jo Lawrence Head of Art
Kimberley Maiden Subject Leader of Geography
Mark Malhan KS3 Leader of Mathematics
Caroline Martin Subject Leader Social Sciences
Phanuel Masunga Maths Teacher
Olivia Morris PE Teacher
Claire Mulvey Head of Sandringham House & Science Teacher
Angela Nabbs Assistant Head of Sixth Form & English Teacher
Jaime Nichols PE Teacher
Samantha Parker Subject Leader Girls PE
Anne Pemberton-Smith Science Teacher
Martin Perkins Biology Teacher
Luke Pettengell Subject Leader Chemistry
Naboth Phebeni Geography Teacher
Joseph Pickering Head of Buckingham House, Boys PE Teacher
Satinder Randhawa Chemistry Teacher
Sian Roderick Cover Supervisor
Shina Sandhu Subject Leader IT
Theresa Sharp Intervention Teacher
Aswad Sibanda Science Teacher
Lucy Simmonds Director Of Music
Cyrille Solo Science Teacher
James Smith Subject Leader of RS & Politics
Ruth Stephens English Teacher
Charlotte Waite Science Teacher & Designated Teacher
Jonathan Whitehead Subject Leader Science, Lead Practitioner & Asst Exams Officer
Eleanor Williams English Teacher & Second in Department
John Winwood Subject Leader DT

Support Staff

Staff Member Role
Joyce Pinkrah Senior HLTA
Salinder Sahota Senior HLTA
Hatinder Mann Primary HLTA 
Emily Shaw Primary HLTA 
Sonia Parker Primary HLTA 
Satti Powar Primary HLTA
Shema Begum Primary TA
Rajbir Binning Primary TA
Justyna Bucknall  Primary TA
Laura Butters Primary TA
Linda Cain Primary TA - Part-time
Carol Colley Primary TA - Part-time
Debra Copeland-Burchell Primary TA
Louise Cresswell Primary TA - Part-time
Lindsey Darbey Primary TA - Part-time
Anita Dhanda Primary TA - Part-time
Nicola Diamond Primary TA
Saima Fahim Primary TA - Part-time
Terri-Leigh Florence Primary TA
Katie Gray Primary TA
Lucy Jones Primary TA
Lakhwinder Kaur Primary TA
Maya Ladher Primary TA
Emma-Louise Lewis Primary TA
Stephanie Marston Primary TA - Part-time
Krishiya Mathusuthan Primary TA - Part-time
Sarah Mountford Primary TA - Part-time
Santosh Sanghera Primary TA
Aqsa Sarwar Primary TA
Emma Tate Primary TA - Part-time
Sally-Ann Thorogood Primary TA
Tharandeep Virdi Primary TA
Jake Wright Primary TA
Alisha Banga Senior TA
Lucy Barrowman Senior TA
Paige Bourne- Parsons Senior TA
Alex Bryan Senior TA
Angela Gayzer-Tomlinson Senior TA
Alison Ghali Senior TA
Rhyan Jenkins Senior TA & DT Teacher
Ranjit Johal Senior TA
Claudia Johnson Senior TA
Prabjoyt More Senior TA
Connor Smith Senior TA
Joanne Sutcliffe Senior TA
Louise Caddick Social, Emotional & Wellbeing Coordinator
Yvonne Salt Social & Emotional Mentor
Neresh Dhanda Primary Attendance Officer
Amanda Vlckova Senior Attendance Officer
Rajindel Mcintosh EAL TA
James Carruthers House Wellbeing Officer
Bilal Ilyas House Wellbeing Officer 
Mike Smith House Wellbeing Officer
Adrian Temple-Purcell Sixth Form Wellbeing Officer
Gareth Davies School Librarian
Katherine Armstrong Senior Science Technician
Mariana Shopova Assistant Science Technician
Aleksandra Makarucha DT Technician
Robyn Knight Art Technician
Lucy Thompson Food Technology Technician
Kealey Lyn-Kew School Nurse
Samuel Mulloy Data Manager & Examinations Officer

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr Mark Heywood


  • Mrs Kathy Jefferson

    Head of Primary

  • Mrs Johanna Phillips

    Finance Director

  • Mr Jonathan Crook

    Vice-Principal - Safeguarding, wellbeing & personal development

  • Mrs Louise Hale

    Vice-Principal - Curriculum, learning & teaching

  • Mrs Hayley Green

    Deputy Head of Primary

  • Mr Chris Howells

    Assistant Principal - Careers, guidance & transitions

  • Mr Iain Estell

    Assistant Principal - Head of Sixth Form

  • Mr Alex Large

    Head of Boarding

  • Mrs Jenny Bates

    Primary Assistant Head - Curriculum & learning

  • Mrs Sarah Holdsworth

    Primary Assistant Head - Careers and transitions

Community Facilities Manager

  • Mrs Kim Marsden

    Community Facilities Manager