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The Royal Primary School follows and enhances the National Curriculum, laying firm foundations in the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Computing.

At the heart of all our teaching sits a more diverse and enriching wider curriculum resourced through  Cornerstones – a dynamic and interactive approach to learning that deepens understanding and harnesses the children’s enthusiasm for what is being taught.  Much of the Cornerstones curriculum is based around pupil-led learning and exciting interactive experiences which are designed to accelerate progress across all year groups and subjects.

The Cornerstones Curriculum encompasses all foundation subjects and the core subjects of Science and Computing.  Maths and English are taught separately, but with cross curricular links embedded within the Cornerstones topic.

Cornerstones is a specific approach to learning applied across all subjects, in every year group and summarised in four key stages as follows:

Engage – Providing a context to the learning; asking questions to provoke thought and interest; linking what is being taught to the children’s own personal experiences.

Develop – Teaching knowledge whilst demonstrating new skills and allowing time for consolidation and mastery; providing opportunity for making and doing; embedding reading, writing and communication across the curriculum.

Innovate – Presenting imaginative scenarios that inspire children’s creative thinking; encouraging creative responses and independent thinking; allowing time for children to absorb knowledge, understanding and skills.

Express – Supporting self-evaluation through talking thinking; encouraging reflection and celebrating success.

This provides a platform from which the children can go on to develop their understanding as they move through their educational journey.

Underpinning the core and wider curriculum is our belief in inclusive practise. All staff who work with our children use inclusive strategies and resources to ensure all children make progress and achieve their full potential. This focus on inclusion supports all students by providing them with access to small focus group work, scaffolding, modelling, and an enriched learning environment.

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