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Personal Development

The Royal School has always sought to develop the whole child. While children may be young, we recognise that they are all emerging as leaders and therefore we need to be developing their character to fulfil this. Through the many opportunities the children at school have to take responsibility for aspects of the school, we promote this.

Our active school council champions the voice of the children to improve learning and the school environment. The children can also be playground buddies, supporting others who find it hard to join in with games during their break times. Our prefects and house captains play an important role in the outstanding behaviour of the children as they move around the school and the children also love to improve our environment by volunteering to be part of the Junior PCSO project.

We have our roots in our five core values but these are brought to life and rewarded each and every day by the children and staff alike. The values form the basis of our assemblies and are interwoven into every school policy to support the children as they grow.

If you spend time with any of our children you will quickly realise the values are alive in them… Trust, Respect, Initiative, Community, Risk. We even rap them together because they underpin how the school has become such a great place to be!


At The Royal Primary School, our children take pride in being trustworthy learners.  They can be trusted to do their best, trusted to be supportive and trusted to uphold the school values.

As a school, we trust our teachers to support all children in their learning and personal development.

This trust is seen in the outstanding curriculum that is delivered in each classroom every day, the range of experiences on offer for our children and the commitment of our children to making the most of every opportunity.


We truly feel like a ‘Royal Family’.  We welcome families, children and staff into our community and encourage everyone to play an active part in building strong links to support our school.

Our active Parent Teacher Association hold wonderful events throughout the year to bring all elements of the community together, and we also provide opportunities through events such as Founders’ Day, Prize Day and year group events such as the Easter Service.


Initiative and independent learning is built into our curriculum and encouraged through our extended day provision.  We encourage our children to solve problems themselves and work hard to give them the tools to do so.  

This could be through problem-solving in den building club, or learning to co-operate in Lego therapy or playground games.


The respect we have for one another can be seen in the diversity of our community and the acceptance of all children, staff and families for who they are.

This is lived out every day in the pride with which children share their different achievements, both in and out of school and the pleasure staff and children take in celebrating all successes, however small.  Respect is seen in the exemplary behaviour of our students and the care given to them by our staff.


All success is founded on taking the first step into the unknown.  We support our community to take risks and encourage them to develop the skills they need to be resilient and solve any problems they encounter on the way.

Our children are excited to try anything new and get ‘stuck in’ to new learning and new experiences.  We aim to nurture their love of risk, so they keep that excitement throughout their whole lives.