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Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

The Combined Cadet Force is an MOD-sponsored Youth Organisation run in conjunction with His Majesty’s Armed Forces. It is designed to offer unique learning challenges and opportunities for young people. As a military-based organisation, pupils undergo a training programme of fitness and team-building activities, whilst also learning and developing competence in leadership, drill, weapons handling and fieldcraft tactics.  It is offered as part of the Lesson 6 programme to pupils in Year 9 and above. Students can choose to join either the Army or RAF Sections of the CCF.

Army Cadets follow a syllabus (ACS) set by the MOD as follows:

First Year: ACS Basic and ACS 1-Star

Second Year: ACS 2-Star

Third Year: ACS 3-Star

This training is conducted up to three afternoons a week: Tuesday (CCF Advanced Training), Wednesday (ILM Level 3 and Cadet Force Instructional Techniques) and Thursday (Core Syllabus Training and whole-Contingent Parade Night).

There are also many opportunities throughout the year to engage with CCF outside the school week. This includes residential Field Training Exercises (FTX), Range Days, Navigation Exercises, Military Skills Competitions, Parades and RAF Flying Days. There is also the opportunity to attend a week-long CCF (Army) Summer Camp at a military base within the UK. Our older pupils can also volunteer for heavily-subsidised adventurous training courses.

CCF training can lead to recognised qualifications in adventurous training, lifeguarding, First-Aid and more. Cadets in the Sixth Form can also complete an ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership, fully funded by the Cadet Vocational College. Without doubt, every one of our pupils who choose to fully engage with the CCF programme returns to School more mature and self-confident.

We are committed to offering CCF to our pupils, as this unique experience instils both motivation and self-discipline. Uniforms and all essential kit are provided by the Army or RAF.