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Art is all around us whether it be in priceless works of art adorning the white walls of a gallery; the graffiti of a political voice or the scribbles of an infant. Art allows us to see our world and express our individual identity. Steeped in a deep history, A Level Art provides the opportunity to develop great independence and character whilst immersed in a community of likeminded individuals. 

As well as building upon the skills learnt at KS4 relating to competence in art and design, the study of art at key stage 5 is widely credited with nurturing all-round problem-solving skills, visual analysis, the ability to find creative solutions and make critical judgements, and the capacity to work outside students' comfort zones. Study at key stage 5 continues to encourage self-expression and creativity and builds confidence as well as a sense of individual identity. Studying art at this level develops critical thinking and the ability to interpret the world around us, a skill which many employers seek in the current employee market. In Year 12 students explore a range of workshop based processes designed to build upon their existing skills and prepare you for your Personal Investigation. This could include: textiles, photography, sculpture, drawing, painting or Photoshop. A level is very different to GCSE in that it expects students to work with a much higher degree of independence and the Year 12 course aims to develop these skills.  Through study at Year 12 students usually develop a specialism which informs the development of their Personal Investigation into Year 13.