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History at an Advanced Level will prepare students for their ambitious future plans and at the Royal we aim to provide our students with the necessary skills to thrive!  

Our vision remains to ensure students are passionate about their learning in History and utilise the many skills in the next stage of their journey. This includes the ability to research, formulate arguments and write extended pieces independently  

The A Level programme (with the AQA exam board) at The Royal School for history includes the Tudors from 1485-1603 which examines the infamous Tudor family. The period witnesses the beginnings of some major changes to the power of the monarch, especially via the Break from Rome. Simultaneously, we will be exploring Germany after World War One and the origins and demise of a democracy. This unit goes up to the end of World War Two, exploring in depth key units such as the Rise and consolidation of Hitler’s power and the Holocaust. We will also be doing an NEA which is an independent unit on Russian Rulers 1885-1964, where we will explore and compare the Tsarist rulers to their Communist counterparts.  

Connecting to the past can help us to shape the future.