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Government and Politics

Politics relates to every area of our lives. It is found in the decisions we make, the laws we follow, and the ways in which we are governed. Our healthcare, economy, and schools are changed by the choices people make in elections and how parties choose to represent the people. 

You will also develop a range of transferrable analytical, debating and communication skills - all of which are valuable in a wide range of careers.

This Politics course aims to develop your research skills, and your analytical and reasoning skills, improving your ability to interpret and explain complex ideas and form sound arguments with critical judgement. 

This A-Level Government and Politics course will teach you the principles and systems in both UK and US politics. Additionally, you will gain insight into the main political ideologies that influence both governmental and non-governmental institutions around the globe. This included Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism, Anarchism, and Feminism.

The A-Level has three final exams. It is the AQA course.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to have studied politics before?          

You do not need to have studied politics previously. 

Do I need to know which way I would vote in an election or on an issue?    

You do not need to have a close affiliation with any person, political party or ideology. 

What attitude should I bring to the course?         

All you are asked to bring to the course is a willingness to learn, to develop opinions, and be willing to accept that everyone will have a different viewpoint – Politics is always interesting and always changing!

What subjects should I enjoy at GCSE to be successful at Government & Politics A Level?

A good understanding of English is useful, as the subject does require essay writing skills. It would be advantageous to have studied an analytical subject, such as History, Sociology or Geography, although these are not required.