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Religious Studies

The Royal School has a vibrant theological community and its very own Chapel. The RS department has a strong philosophy department with exciting debates on the existence of God, the Inconsistent Triad and Ontological Argument. We delve into Christianity and have Bible study.   

Religious studies in KS3 at The Royal in Christianity and we look closely at the history of Christianity and how it approaches modern day themes of morality such as sexuality and whether heaven and hell exist. The course also examines other religions and their approach to life after death and the role of paranormal activity. The skills we help you develop include problem solving, providing effective arguments and critical evaluation. Sometimes we have cake too! 

An understanding of the morals, ethics and religious beliefs of different cultures has never been more important than now. At GCSE, Religious studies, we examine the impact of all areas of personal and public life and have close links with subjects such as History, Geography and Politics.

The skills we help you develop include problem-solving, providing effective arguments and critical evaluation. We also have a three day field trip to Edinburgh to examine Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, the Royal Mile and the Edinburgh Dungeon. There are always more trips planned and previous excursions include Paris, London, Auschwitz and battlefields tours to Belgium and Holland.