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Food Technology

Food is an important part of life. It forms part of our daily lives, is highly significant for many occasions, develops creativity and helps fight against disease. The study of food is dynamic as new dishes, types of cuisine and trends influence what we eat. With challenging economic times, being able to cook nutritious meals for yourself and others on a small budget has never been more important. Within school, pupils develop cooking skills and understanding of diet. Opportunities exist for food activities outside the curriculum and to develop life skills. Food studies also considers where our food comes from and the environmental impact of its production. Students produce an array of dishes reflecting their talents for their final assessment pieces 

In Key Stage 3, students begin their food journey by cooking a range of dishes including vegetable soup, curry, chicken nuggets and apple crumble. Year 7 students look at the Eatwell Guide and how their diet compares. The concepts in year 7 are developed in year 8 to apply to the needs of others and consideration of different dietary needs. The effects of a poor diet are considered along with how to improve an individual’s diet. Practical skills are developed using more complex recipes and modifying a recipe for a particular dietary need or occasion 

Many students will at some time work in the hospitality and catering industry and this is a focus for the department at KS4. 

The KS4 course followed is a Vocational level 1/ 2 qualification in hospitality and catering. Students are introduced to the wide range of establishments and roles within the hospitality and catering industry. Food safety and hygiene form an important part within both the theoretical and practical elements. Students also consider how to produce risk assessments. Various pieces of legislation and how they impact upon the Hospitality are investigated. As part of the final assessment students cook two dishes with accompaniments to meet the needs of a particular brief. This is the students’ opportunity to showcase their skills that they have developed during the course which have included filleting a fish, making fresh pasta and a range of pastries. Creativity in presentation reflects individual flair particularly as there are so many opportunities to gather inspiration from TV shows, magazines and social media.