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Design Technology

Design & Technology is a well-resourced and very popular subject at KS3, GCSE and A level. The emphasis of study, at all levels, is to nurture innovation in design, enabling students to create fit for purpose products aimed at a client or group. Students have the opportunity to employ a wide variety of modern and traditional research, design and manufacturing systems to produce high quality 2D designs and 3D products. 

Computer aided design and manufacture such as laser cutting, engraving and 3D printing is taught alongside traditional design and manufacturing methods providing pupils the opportunity to gain a variety of skills and knowledge relating to design and manufacture in the modern world. 

In KS3, and in line with National Curriculum, our aim is to encourage pupils to learn to think creatively in order to solve problems and create products that cover the ‘three Ps’: creating a product that is fit for purpose and designed for a specific person (or persons). Pupils will also reflect upon and evaluate the products they manufacture. 

GCSE Design & Technology, enables students to understand and apply an iterative design process through which they explore, design and evaluate a range of outcomes. The qualification enables students to use creativity and imagination to design and make prototypes (together with evidence of modelling to develop and prove product concept and function) that solve real and relevant problems, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. It gives students opportunities to apply knowledge from other disciplines, including mathematics, science, art and design, computing, engineering and the humanities.