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Goldfish criteria

Goldfish 1

STA Goldfish one badge

  1. Jump into water and return to side
  2. Push and glide and hold the streamlined position for 5 seconds
  3. Push and glide, or swim to the bottom of the pool
  4. Swim width on front turn and swim width on back
  5. Dolphin leg kick on the front for 1 width
  6. Swim a recognisable breaststroke kick for 1 width (feet turned out)
  7. Front crawl leg kick 1 width
  8. Backstroke leg kick 1 width
  9. Scull head first for 1 width
  10. Scull feet first, using a woggle for support

Goldfish 2

STA Goldfish two badge

  1. Perform a back float, tuck to a front float and return to the wall
  2. Scull head first for 4 metres, and feet first for 4 metres
  3. Swim 1 width front crawl lateral breathing
  4. Swim 1 width backstroke with shoulder roll
  5. Swim 1 width basic breaststroke pull/breath/kick
  6. Perform a mushroom float and hold for 3 seconds, extend to a front float and return to an upright position
  7. Enter the water with a step or jump entry, tread water, swim width on the front and exit the water safely
  8. Perform a Handstand

Goldfish 3

STA Goldfish three badge

  1. Perform a handstand and roll over
  2. Perform 2 different types of entry and tread water for 15 seconds each time
  3. Swim 2 widths backstroke
  4. Swim 2 widths front crawl regular breathing
  5. Swim 1 width dolphin leg kick on front attempting arms
  6. Swim 1 width breaststroke pull/breath/ kick/glide
  7. Perform a horizontal float on the back for 5 seconds, roll on to the front, hold for 5 seconds, roll on to back and hold for 5 seconds
  8. Submerge, push and glide on the side, roll to a face down position