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Year 3

As the first year of KS2, Year 3 continues the transition begun in Year 2.  Children continue to learn practically as their knowledge and skills develop and the same lesson and learning structures are used to support learners. 

Children develop their independence in their approach to topic work including experiences such as a trip to a zoo and a walking tour of Wolverhampton. 

Pupils participate in weekly Games lessons as well as PE and swimming sessions on a rotation.

Wolverhampton Music Service deliver class music lessons, allowing pupils the opportunity to learn 3 different musical instruments: viola, fife and cornet.

PE timetable

Pupils will take part in weekly physical activities on the following days:

Activity Day
Games Monday
PE/Swimming Wednesday


Summary of experiences/trips usually undertaken in this year group.

Term Trip/Experience
Autumn Dudley Zoo, Greek Day
Spring Real Life Hero Day, Art Gallery
Summer Graffiti Workshop, Stone Age Workshop

For more information about learning in Year 3, download the curriculum booklet. 

Year 3 - Learning Journey



Gods and Mortals

Heroes and Villains


Urban Pioneers

Tribal Tales