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UCAS & Careers

As well as offering academic support, our Sixth Form Tutors are also tasked with guiding students as they begin to plan for the next exciting stage in their lives. As a school it is of prime importance that all our leavers are well-prepared for further study, vocational training, or work.

Sixth Form Tutors and careers staff are available to offer individual help and advice, in particular with the completion of UCAS application forms. Each student follows a carefully designed programme to steer them in the right direction when making higher education and career choices. We have a well-resourced careers library and all our students are encouraged to start researching well in advance of making an application. We also recommend that they supplement their online research by attending university open days and wherever possible taster courses.

Informed choices

There is no one university course or career that is best for everyone. We know and value all our students as individuals and as such encourage them to think long and hard about the right future for them. They will be encouraged within school and at home to be actively engaged in discussions about:

  • What subjects interest them the most?
  • What are their special talents?
  • What grades can they realistically achieve?
  • What do they enjoy studying and should it be full-time or part-time, possibly combined with some vocational training?
  • Do they wish to remain in the UK or study abroad?
  • Do they perform best in exams or coursework?
  • Do they understand the funding arrangements and what are their career goals?

Applying to university

Students are supported very closely throughout their university application process and particular attention is paid to the preparation of their personal statement. This is their ideal opportunity to tell universities about their suitability for their chosen course. The statement must show enthusiasm and commitment and demonstrate ways in which a student stands out from other applicants.

UCAS applications are made online there is a step-by-step guide on how to apply and track an application on the UCAS website. Some universities require specific grades in specific subjects whereas others award places based on a total number of UCAS points.

Work experience

Students applying for university courses destined for chosen careers are also asked to consider obtaining some relevant work experience. Placements usually happen in Year 12 and can provide invaluable insight into what the future may be like as well as making students more confident in their choices. The School has an effective mentoring system with academic staff and Year 13 students on hand to assist with the setting up of placements. Any work experience that has a direct link to a student’s chosen course shows commitment and initiative and is a major plus point on any UCAS personal statement.

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