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Provisional Opening of Free School is granted by DfE......

The Governors and senior leaders of The Royal School are delighted to announce that the Department for Education have approved our application to become a Free School with a provisional opening in September, 2015.  Further discussions will be held with the DfE before the end of March to finalise the details of the transition to a Free School. 

We will communicate the details of the transition process to all our parents and others affected by this decision as soon as we can.

The remarkable interest in the School since our application was announced is testimony to the significant demand for our distinctive educational offer and this very positive decision will enable us to move forward with our immediate and wider community and make the requisite plans for our future.

This is excellent news for young people from across the city as we will be opening our doors so that children from across Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas can experience the high standard of education we offer through the curriculum and extra-curricular activities within a caring and nurturing environment. We believe passionately that children from whatever their background can achieve the very best outcomes, given the right circumstances, and this has been part of the School’s ethos from its earliest days.

As with all schools we will have an admission policy which complies with the national code and this will be publicly available to parents as soon as possible. We are a non-selective school and will remain so. However, we have an expectation that each student will engage fully in the opportunities available and each family will be expected to support the School’s code of behaviour. All applicants will need to go through the accelerated Free School admissions process, which will be announced when it is finalised.

We will retain boarding given the extra opportunities it has offered at The Royal, so some pupils will come from the wider UK and EEA adding considerably to the international culture of our community. Pupils from outside the EEA will be able to continue their studies in the Free School until the end of their course of study. The boarding houses will play a key role in the life of the Free School, offering pupils the opportunity to stay over on an annual, weekly or occasional day basis, depending on need. For some pupils, the possibility of ‘day boarding’ (being able to stay on after school for supported homework, extra-curricular activity and dinner) will be a valuable opportunity.

We are extremely proud of the staff at The Royal School, all of whom have been fully behind our Free School application. We intend to build on their existing strength and add to our existing expertise, enabling the School to extend the curriculum further. We have introduced a new faculty and new ‘house’ system to the School and this is working very well for both teachers and pupils. As a free independent school all staff will be expected to teach to the highest standards as well as participating fully in leading the wider extra-curricular life of the school.

We look forward to an exciting time ahead and to a controlled expansion of our pupil numbers as we extend our unique educational and personal development opportunity to the children and young people in the area.

For information about the Free School The Royal School's outstanding international community please visit, telephone 01902 341230 or email .  As our phone lines are very busy, you can also register your interest in the Free School by submitting an online prospectus request. 


Exceptional Results for Third Year Running

17.5% achieve A* grades, 41% achieve A*/ A grades

All in the most rigorous academic subjects that top universities demand – mathematics, further mathematics, physics and economics 

A-Level students from The Royal School Wolverhampton have again achieved consistently high results.  The average percentage over the last three years for those achieving an A* grade is 17.5% and A*/A is 40%, proving The Royal’s focus on outstanding learning and teaching  delivers the best results for our students, ensuring they exceed their potential in  a non-selective school.  These results at the highest grades are some of the best in the country.

High performing subjects at the School include its specialism in STEM, particularly in Maths.  In Further Maths students attained an unbelievable 71% at grades A*-B, in  Maths  63% A* - B and Physics 67% A* - B, while in Economics 80% attained A* - B

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